Just a few photos…

On Saturday we walked around the centre of Tromsø for a bit. These kids were completely fascinated by the pigeons eating some bread! They were trying to come closer and closer without scaring the birds, their concentration was fun to watch! The second photo is taken from the top of the main square. It was snowing quite heavily while in the background the sun was shining on the mountains, very pretty. 


We’ve been having LOTS of snow lately! Here you can see what Paul’s bike looks like now… completely covered in snow :)  

Today we went for a walk around the beach on Håkøya, an island near Tromsø. I took a lot of photos, and I was planning to put them here tonight, but it has gotten a bit late now, I need my sleep ;) I hope to add them tomorrow, though I also have an essay to write for my Norwegian class (I feel like being back at primary school, the essay has to be about my family!). 

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