Welcome to Norway!

Welcome to Norway!

We arrived back in Tromsø last Tuesday, and this time I am here to stay! So I had to change the title of this blog, no more Norwich for me…

We arrived late at night, in a snowstorm. The plane had to circle around the airport for an hour before they had cleared the runway enough for us to land. We were actually very lucky to land, flights before and after ours were diverted to Bodø – this means a bus journey of more than 8 hours to get to Tromsø!! A LOT of snow fell that day, and on arriving home we were greeted by this sight…


Even the taxi driver was amazed, he asked us what make of car was underneath that mountain and said he had never seen it this bad! The next day I decided to combine my good resolution of getting more exercise with the need of digging out the car… it took me 2 hours!! 2 hours of very hard work, I literally had to dig out the car and all the snow has to be transported to the back garden which is quite a walk. Then I also had to suffer our favourite neighbour, one of these persons who peeks behind their curtain all day. This one also knows everything better… Picture this: I made one wrong step on the path in the back garden and was up to my hips in the snow, trying to get out. He immediately opens his bathroom window to tell me that I shouldn’t step next to the path. THANKS!!! Ohh well 😉 I did get my exercise, more than I had asked for in fact, I am still hurting. And today it has been snowing a lot, so the car is getting covered again – guess I don’t need a gym here! Here’s a picture to show that there was indeed a caddy underneath all that snow…

The days are dark and cold here, but the sun is coming back next week 🙂 and the film festival is also starting on Tuesday, so there are many nice things to look forward to. Besides, I’ve got lots of work to do this month! The weather forecast for this weekend is showing temperatures of +5 °C and RAIN… Hmm. Perhaps a good weekend to have our first go at making fudge 🙂

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Norway!

  1. Welcome home!!! 🙂 You have MUCH more snow than me! we just have gray skies and rain… 🙂

    FUDGE! Yummy!



  2. Thanks 🙂 after the weekend with +5 and rain there is not much left of the snow 🙁 though it’s slowly falling back now.

    The fudge worked out great and was so much fun!! It’s almost science/chemistry to prepare it, have you ever tried it?

    Hugs – and see you in MEXICO!! :)))


  3. Yes I have made fudge before, sooo yummy and easier than I expected!!!

    It’s finally stopped snowing in the city, we had HUGE floods when it all melted, all the highways were closed for several days. Now there is just good snow in the mountains so maybe some snowshoeing this weekend!

    SEE YOU SOON!!! 🙂


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