Some days…

Some days…

… are such a surprise!

On Friday morning I discovered several pieces of laundry missing from our washing line. About 4 long sleeved shirts but also my favourite pair of jeans!! I am still really annoyed about it. Who would do such a thing?? I kept trying to understand… bored kids? someone needing dry clothes? a criminal on the run? šŸ˜‰ I still have no clue!

But as if the universe wanted to make it up to me, that night, in an empty parking lot we found a beautiful (and huge!) pot of pink orchids, all wrapped up. Obviously a present, and I guess somebody forgot to load them in their car and left them standing there. Was it bad to take them home? I somehow felt I was given a present after loosing stuff that morning šŸ˜‰ I hope we can keep it alive, orchids are quite difficult to keep.

What a day!

And what a weekend, Paul is submitting his thesis on Wednesday so it’s very hectic. I worked really hard all weekend helping him with spelling/lay out/plot checks. I hope it will be ok. Only two more days to go! I’m looking forward to no more stress… šŸ™‚


PS As of today, I am a 3rd (final!) year PhD student… a very scary thought!!

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  1. Hoi Hanneke, wat een gaaf verhaal! En 3 jaar student, is toch niet erg? :o)

    Hou je goed!

    Groeten, Gerard.

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