Sailing & Mist


We went sailing last Saturday. Paul has a small sailing boat (an enterprise) that he keeps at a sailing club at Rollesby Broad. This lake is not connected to the rest of the Broads (though you can get to one other lake), and there is only one sailing club using it, so you can have the lake to yourselves sometimes! We sailed to a pub at the far side of the other lake, enjoyed a drink and sailed back. The weather was very calm, so it was easy sailing / sunbathing :) On the way back there was hardly any wind left so it took us a long time to reach the sailing club.

After returning, I got out and took some photos of Paul sailing, as he didn’t have any photos of his boat and the lake was beautiful at sunset.

Sailing Sailing

Sailing Sailing

I had a go as well! I took a sailing course for a week in 1999 and I hardly sailed at all after that, so I’m still (re)learning. I had never sailed a boat just by myself but when there’s hardly any wind there’s not much you can do wrong ;) Paul’s boat is very different from the stable boats I am used to though – it’s quite common to capsize this one!

Sailing Sailing

Here we were getting the boat back on land and cleaning off all the “sea” weed ;) (lake weed?)


While we were busy taking the sails down etc, I happened to look at the lake, and mist was coming in at a very high speed! It was bizarre… in a few minutes a thick mist was everywhere. The sun was just setting and it was a spectacular sight, I ran to the jetty with my camera to get some photos.

Sailing Sailing

In the second photo (below) you can see the mist front moving over the lake. I’ve never seen mist coming in so fast!

Sailing Sailing

That’s all for now, hope you all had a nice weekend :)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have read your post three times hoping for a new one! ;) It is of course exciting to read it each time and the pictures are very nice! You’re probably just having too much fun to even write about it all!

    love and hugs,