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Yesterday I picked up Paul from Stansted Airport early in the morning – how about that for a birthday present? 🙂 We spent a wonderful day in Norwich, and went for dinner at our favourite place: The Belgian Monk. They serve great Belgian food, and often serve it in a very creative way… 

We’re spending a few days in Norwich/Norfolk before going to Paul’s parents for Christmas. We both like Norwich a lot, and even though I am excited about moving to Norway (and very glad that all the travelling is finally over) – I am going to miss Norwich! We’re planning to visit a few places on the coast in the coming days, so hopefully more photos soon 🙂

New lens

New lens

Just a quick post to show some photos taken yesterday with my new lens. The weather wasn’t great, but it was nice to try out the lens – I am very happy with it! 

For those interested, I bought a Canon 24-105mm f4 lens (with an image stabilizer). It took me a very long time to decide which lens to replace my old 28-135mm lens with (it broke down last April), but I am really happy with this lens! The other lens I have is a Sigma 15-30mm which I really like, but wide angle only is a bit limiting. I like taking photos like the ones above… and especially since I am going to Mexico in February, I wouldn’t want to miss out on those kind of photos!

Something completely different: while sorting some photos on my computer, I found this panorama I took in March. I never stitched the images together! Taken from the top of the cable car, overlooking Tromsø island on a beautiful sunny day…

Alright, back to work for me… I had to make a list of things to do this week. Even though I don’t have much stuff left here in Norwich, there is still a lot to think about now that I am really leaving. So I’ll be running around a lot, and probably will not update my blog until next week or so. I’ll try to post before, but if not: Merry Christmas to everyone!!

The British Museum & London by night

The British Museum & London by night

I’ve had a very busy week as I was trying to finish a chapter of my thesis – finally finished it late this evening 🙂 I am heading off to Southampton on Sunday, to attend a meeting there on Monday, then flying out to Tromsø on Tuesday. It will be quite a change, from autumnal England to winter wonderland Tromsø… they had lots of snow already!

So before I head off, here are some of the photos I have been promising…

While in London in October, we visited the British Museum. The museum has a covered courtyard, which is really amazing – it’s covered by a huge glass and steel roof, very impressive!

Of course the museum itself is very impressive as well. It’s huge, and most of it is free (I still find that really nice, in the Netherlands museums are very expensive). We didn’t spend a lot of time there, it was a very sunny day and we were more keen on enjoying the sunshine than spending a lot of time indoors… But here are some impressions from the museum:

We then went to Covent Garden for a bit, and watched the street performers – always something amusing going on there. This is the market inside:

We crossed the Thames at Embankment, at sunset, with lovely views! On the other side, there are a lot of street performers as well and it’s a very nice atmosphere.

We walked along the Thames for a while – the views were so nice, with the Big Ben, the London Eye and the Palace of Westminster very nicely lit. I didn’t have a tripod with me, but I still managed to get a few nice photos…

That’s all – I think my next update will come from Tromsø sometime next week. Till then!