Today was a gloriously sunny day in Oslo, and I decided to go for a walk on the Bygdøy peninsula. There is a coastal path which goes around the whole peninsula, and there are some really nice beaches. Lots of people were out to enjoy the sunshine, there were even people having BBQ’s and picnics on the beach, with the children playing by the water – never mind that the fjord is frozen!! 😀 The atmosphere was really nice, and it made me long for summer 🙂 The sun was setting by the time I reached Paradisbukta – it was so pretty…

First view of the frozen fjord

Several boats were frozen into the ice

Pancake ice!

One of the beaches, with lots of kids playing

A couple enjoying the sunshine with their dogs

Doesn't it almost seem like summer?

The rock formations on Bygdøy are really interesting

Fancy a swim?


Nice reflections

Almost sunset

Imagine living here...

The DFDS Seaways leaving for Copenhagen


The sun sets behind the hills

Pretty colours after sunset

Some people were feeding the gulls - which meant I could take photos of them :D

Tree & Moon

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  1. I’m very impressed how amazing your pictures are!! The colours, the lights, well composed and just perfekt!! 🙂 It’s fun to se them!

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