Last weekend I unexpectedly went on a hiking weekend with DNT (the Norwegian Tourist Association). I had tried to sign up for this trip earlier, but it was full. Thursday at 22:30 I got an email saying a place had become available. I decided to take it 🙂 so I left work a bit early on Friday to buy some food and pack my backpack.

We took the bus to Sollihøgda, about 45 minutes outside of Oslo. It was only 2.5 km to the cabin which took about 45 minutes. We hiked at sunset, with very pink skies! At the cabin we met the part of the group who took an earlier bus. We were 28 in total, all between 25-40 years old 🙂

Mustadkroken can only be rented by groups. It has power (but not running water), and it’s the nicest DNT cabin I’ve ever seen on the inside, with proper sofa’s and a nice kitchen – this was designed by a student project some years ago.

We had a nice social dinner, and then went to bed relatively early as we would start a long day of hiking at 08:30 the next morning.

Sunrise on Saturday…

Mustadkroken at sunrise on Saturday Mustadkroken - someone is waiting for winter ;)

We hiked all Saturday in beautiful sunshine, through fantastic autumn scenery. Partly on small paths, partly on a dirt road until we got to Kleivstua where we stopped for lunch.

On the Kongeveien (King's road), which was the road between Oslo and Bergen a long time ago Arriving at Kleivstua, where we had lunch

From there we started the hike to our destination for the day.

Philosophy in the forest - notice the peculiar growing tree branch. The sign says: As long as there is life, there is hope. Do not give up. Because then you have lost. When one is very down, there is only one way it can go: namely upwards! On the way from Kleivstua to the viewpoint

Soon we reached our destination, the viewpoint Kongens Utsikt, or the King’s View. A great view indeed! Time for a group photo 🙂

Kongens utsikt - the king's view: a great view indeed! Group photo at the viewpoint :)

More photos of the view, before we hiked back the final 12 km to the cabin. I was in the “fast group” going back, just because I was assigned to cook dinner for everyone that evening, with one other girl. Norwegians walking fast = almost running speed for me 😉 so that was quite a challenge, but I sort of managed to keep up with them.

Looking down at the viewpoint Panorama from higher up the viewpoint

So after 9 hours of hiking (27 km!) I spent 2 hours in the kitchen preparing a taco meal for 28 people. We managed, I was quite proud, but also really exhausted 😀

The next morning was relaxed, we had left over taco’s for breakfast and enjoyed the autumn sunshine.

Half sunken rowing boat near the cabin In front of the cabin in the autumn sunshine

Around noon we hiked back to our starting point. This time it was light and I took some photos of the autumn landscape 🙂 in both photos below you can see the cabin in the distance.

Autumn landscape on the way back - in the distance you can just about see the cabin Zoomed in view of Mustadkroken in the distance

An old shed with a great view, and hiking through the forest.

Fixer upper? On our way through the forest

Arriving back at Sollihøgda…

Arriving back at Sollihøgda

What a weekend! I was quite stiff and tired when I made it home on Sunday afternoon, but I was really happy with the weekend. Such a beautiful trip, and a great way to meet a whole bunch of people with the same interests 🙂

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  1. What a fun weekend. I just read the whole story. That view is magnificent! but your pictures are wonderful as usual. Oh! the autumn colors are so bright and lively! They are certainly different from last year’s October of barren and frozen places…most likely much shorter daylight time. How did you get assigned kitchen duty? I have never had leftover tacos!!! ha ha ha…Thank you for taking me along on this hike. More in your mailbox!

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