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Month: September 2015

Weekend Walks

Weekend Walks

This weekend we had beautiful autumn weather in Oslo, and I went for long walks in the forest on both Saturday and Sunday 🙂 On Saturday I met up with Marie who I know through my blog and her website Elusive Moose, but I had never met her in person. It was really nice to finally meet her and we spent a wonderful day walking (nearly 18 km!) and we took lots of photos.

We started at Sognsvann, and for a while it was quite cloudy.

Reflections at Sognsvann A small lake along the way

The clouds disappeared though, making the autumn colours look even more spectacular!

Autumn scenery Through the forest

We stopped for a lunch break at Skjennungstua. There are lots of these cosy cabins in the forest, serving food (cinnemon buns!) & drinks.

I loved all the combination of red, white and blue 🙂

Love the colours! A farm we passed along the way

Air Bee & Bee at Frønsvollen, and Batmans house above it. Spectacular clouds too!

Air Bee & Bee - and Batmans house! Dramatic cloud!

Around the farm buildings there were lots of birdhouses, some were quite fancy! The lake in the other photo below is the same one we passed earlier in the day, but now with sunshine and blue sky 🙂

The farm was surrounded by LOTS of birdhouses, like this fancy one The same small lake as earlier today, but now with sunshine and blue sky!

An open (boggy) area in the forest, and three girls enjoying the view towards Holmenkollen.

An open boggy area in the forest Three girls enjoying the view towards Holmenkollen

Fantastic view over Oslo from Vettakollen…

The view over Oslo from Vettakollen

We came back to Sognsvann where we had started this morning, but we decided to explore the “hagekoloni” (allotments-deluxe, all plots have a small cabin on them) nearby. It’s truly a paradise in the city – such cute cottages, flowers and apple trees everywhere.

A rainbow cottage Another photo of the rainbow cottage and its garden

Creative decoration & LOTS of plums – one might have found its way into my mouth 😉

Creative fence, underneath there is an offical warning that birds are nesting between April and October :D LOTS of plums - one might have fallen into my mouth ;)

On Sunday I went hiking with a group of friends / colleagues. We took the bus to Skar, and hiked to Sognsvann via Fagervann. This hike was a lot faster than the photo walk with Marie… I could only just about keep up with the 3 Norwegian girls in the group 😛 so I only took these photos of Fagervann…

Autumn colours at Fagervann More autumn colours at Fagervann - beautiful!

It was another beautiful day though, quite warm in the sunshine too. What a perfect weekend!



As of a week ago, I live in Oslo! I have tons of photos waiting to be blogged about – from various trips around Tromsø and the long road trip from Tromsø to Oslo – but first some photos from today’s bike ride through Oslomarka (the forest around Oslo).

I started with a long climb – about 14 km of climbing, 450 m up. It was very doable though, and the weather was perfect: sunny but not too warm and a nice breeze. I was proud to see how far down Oslo was when I turned around at some point 🙂

Looking back to Oslo after a long climb Small lake

My destination for the day was the lake Skjennungen – a very pretty place where I enjoyed a long lunch break 🙂

My destination: Skjennungen - beautiful place!

From there it was basically downhill all the way, lots of fun!

I loved the skies today Lots and lots of forest

I couldn’t go too fast though, as there were lots of people around – with strollers, with kids on bikes, there were almost traffic jams sometimes. But who cares, everyone was in a good mood and I stopped for another break in the sun at a small lake nears Sognsvann, before cycling back into Oslo.

Starting the long downhill back to Oslo Nice place for another break in the sun :)

What a perfect Sunday – I think I’m going to like it here! 🙂