A Sunday Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I decided to go for a walk with a friend. We walked along the ski trails to the lake Prestvannet on top of Tromsø island. There was frost everywhere, and it was a bit sad to see how close to the horizon the sun is even at 13:00 – winter is truly on its way…

Long shadows - we're loosing daylight very fast now View from Prestvannet towards Kvaløya

It seemed like all of Tromsø had the same idea, and we met several people we knew along the way. Tromsø feels like a village sometimes :)

Tromsdalstinden - no more reflections as the lake is starting to freeze Picknick place with a great view

Today it’s raining heavily, so I am glad we made the most of yesterday’s sunshine!

3 Responses to “A Sunday Walk”

  1. Tom & Hanka says:

    Very nice.

  2. Hanneke says:

    Thank you Tom & Hanka – hope you and your family are well!

    • Tom & Hanka says:

      We miss Tromsø so much.
      We have some (financial) problems, so we must hold on. But there is a “hope of deliverance” as Paul McCartney sings :-)