In the middle of the night…

We are getting close to the midnight sun season, and last Friday the sun set was at 22:55 and sunrise only 3.5 hours later, at 02:25. The sky was beautiful around midnight and I decided to stay up to watch the sunrise.

I stopped for a panorama of the mountains of Kvaløya reflected in the calm water, before continuing to Langnes. There were lots of wading birds looking for food in the shallow water here, and I managed to capture the scene before splashing around the water myself and scaring every bird in the vicinity ;)

Kvaløya reflected Wading birds looking for food

The moon was setting behind the mountains on Kvaløya in the west, while towards the south the sky was a beautiful combination of pastel colours…

Looking towards Ersfjorden while the moon disappeared behind the mountains Beautiful pastel colours, looking south

Then slowly, the first sunlight appeared on the top of the mountains and moved down until everything turned pink!

The first sunlight on Bentsjordtinden Soon everything turned pink!

I also took a few before & after sunrise photos of the same scene, like this ridiculously long (180 degrees) panorama…

The 180 degree view before sunrise... ... and after sunrise!

And of the often-photographed lone cabin with tree…

The cabin at Langnes just before sunrise... ... and after sunrise :)

It was pure magic to witness the sunrise in the middle of the night :) Soon we won’t have any sunsets of sunrises, so I was glad I used this opportunity. Inspired by the beautiful weather, we decided to go on the first boat trip of the season, but unfortunately all we found were low clouds and eventually even rain… You can see some photos here.

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  1. Tomas&Hanka says:

    Yeah, I wish I could see this on my own eyes. It’s so beautiful and unique for me. Thanks for sharing these pics.