After celebrating New Year’s Eve in Southampton, we decided to spend a couple of days in Cornwall – which I’ve been wanting to visit for a very long time. Unfortunately we were a bit unlucky, and I got ill as soon as we arrived to our hotel in Boscastle. Luckily the hotel was very nice, and we had a great view from our upstairs room – there are worse places to be ill. Boscastle is a very pretty place, here are some photos…

View from our hotel room in Boscastle Boscastle, with the visitors centre on the right

The Coastal Path passes right through the village, and you have a great view once you get a bit higher up the cliffs.

Boscastle seen from above The robin that followed us on our walk

This is our hotel, and a nice door at the witchcraft museum – which unfortunately was closed for the season.

The hotel we stayed in, our room was right above the sign Nice door at the Witchcraft museum, which was unfortunately closed for the season

After spending a day in bed while Paul went on a walk by himself, I felt a lot better the next day, and we went on an easy trip by car. We stopped at Strangles Beach, and followed the path down the cliff to the big beach. The weather wasn’t great: foggy and drizzly, but it improved while we were at the beach. We weren’t alone there, there was also a lone surfer battling with the waves šŸ™‚

The Strangles Beach, in heavy fog and drizzle Waves crashing onto the beach

I took my tripod and ND filters, and played around with long exposures of the rocks and the sea. I never get bored of that šŸ™‚

I converted this photo to black & white, as it hardly had any colour to start with Waves crashing over the rocks

It was a grey day, but luckily the fog lifted a bit while we were on the beach The Strangles Beach

Some rocks were very colourful Starting our climb back up the cliffs

After a couple of hours, we climbed back up the cliff and we drove to Crackington Haven for a nice warm tea in a cafe šŸ™‚

Crackington Haven

Stomach bugs are notoriously contagious, so it wasn’t very surprising when Paul got ill that evening šŸ™ We quickly decided to stay another night, as it wouldn’t be wise to drive all the way back to London in that state. After a rough night, we took it very easy and went for a short stroll on the beach at Bude the next day. They have a swimming pool on the beach there (a sea pool), which was built in 1930. Seeing the size of the waves in Cornwall, I imagine it’s very nice for kids to play in this pool instead šŸ™‚

The swimming pool at the beach at Bude Walking along the edge of the pool

Today the only people in the sea were surfers, and these ambitious boys trying to stop the flow from the sea pool šŸ˜‰ The rock formations at the beach are very interesting!

Ambitious boys... Interesting rock layers at the beach

More views of the rocks on the beach…

Rock formations on the beach at Bude The beach at Bude Mussels on a rock

After spending an hour in Bude, we drove to Widemouth Bay. We found a nice view point with great views of this huge beach.

Panorama of Widemouth Bay

Here’s another panorama, which is even better viewed nearly full sized, click here (might take a while to load due to its size).

Even wider panorama of Widemouth Bay :)

It was impressive to see the huge waves crashing here, no wonder this place is so popular with surfers. In the other direction, you could look north towards Bude and see the satellite ground station far away on a cliff.

A wave breaking, it's hard to tell but these waves are huge, and they bring lots of surfers to Cornwall Looking north towards Bude, with the satellite ground station in the background

We enjoyed our time in Cornwall, in spite of our poor health, and now I am determined to come back here and perhaps walk part of the Southwest Coast Path that follows the entire coast – must be a great experience!

4 thoughts on “Cornwall

  1. Very nice blog and it sounds like you had a good time, despite being unwell. I visited Cornwall in february last year, but didn’t get photos as good as yours. I especially love the panoramas you took.

    1. Thanks Ben! Yes we did still enjoy our trip šŸ™‚ It’s such a beautiful area, and I hope we can come back some day soon!

  2. Once again I have enjoyed a breathtaking scenery parade of a trip. Love that wide take of Widemouth. I can’t wait to see your summer takes. Perhaps you can stand on the same place and have a bright sunny day to ccompare views. I have spent quite a good time looking at all your photos. I am totally awed by the geology of this place. Would love to sit and listen to someone tell me the story of all these formations and rock composition. Wouldn’t I love to have a slice of all that rock with all the layers in a diagonal direction. I wonder how tall was the tower or piece or rock that held them horizontally before they fell to the ground. I am totally fascinated. THANK YOU!! Now I go in my quest to learn more about all these rocks. Hasta la vista!

    1. Hello Martha!
      I wish you could visit Cornwall for real, I’m sure you’d really enjoy it. The food is great though, they are famous for scones with Cornish cream, and Cornish pasties… too bad our stomachs weren’t up for that šŸ˜‰
      Glad you enjoyed the blog, and hope you had an interesting read about the rocks – I was quite curious as well!

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