Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

I had my birthday on the 20th of December, which this year meant I was turning 20+12 on the 20.12.2012 😀 I thought that was a good reason to celebrate, so I threw a party. On the way home from buying drinks and snacks, I noticed the sky and raced home to grab my camera and tripod. Look at this… I got pretty spoilt on my birthday with presents and a great party, but I think my favourite and most memorable gift was the colour of the sky that day…

What better birthday gift than this magical light?? A long exposure of the jetty at Telegrafbukta A Tromsø palm against the colourful sky

The next day was Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year – from now on we will be gaining light. Twilight at first, but in a month, the sun will be back too. Paul was flying home for Christmas that day (I still have a few days left at work), so I took him to the airport and afterwards I went to the Maritime school to get some photos of the view over Tromsø. The light was fantastic again! I’ve never seen anything like it, the camera couldn’t quite cope with it either. Earlier in the day the sky had been a deep red – a fitting colour for the day the world was supposed to end 😉

Tromsdalstinden glowing pink on the shortest day of the year Tromsø city centre and a pink & purple sky

There was a half moon, Tromsdalstinden was glowing pink, and it was just magical…

The view from the Maritime school is famous - I met quite a few photographers here :) no wonder!

The next day I went on a trip to Kjølen with Hannah. We hiked – there’s very little snow at the moment. At times it was tough though, as we kept going through the crust on top of the snow layer. On top of Kjølen, there is a small cabin with floor heating (it gets electricity from the flight radar), which was very welcome on that cold and windy day. Unfortunately we chose the only cloudy day in weeks, but we still got a golden lining underneath the clouds to the west… so pretty!

Lunch break in the cabin on top of Kjølen - photo by Hannah Vickers Hannah looking at the flickering city lights of Tromsø far below This cloudy day had a golden lining too... beautiful! View on the way down

I’m not sure what’s causing this magical light, the colours aren’t always this intense in the dark time. Perhaps there’s been a volcano eruption somewhere?? Either way, it makes the dark time a lot more enjoyable 🙂

4 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. Congrats on reaching 20+12 Hanneke! It looks like you had a wonderful day. I so wish I could be spending the winter solstice in the arctic circle. It looks just wonderful, and your photos certainly do it justice. I especially love the ones overlooking Tromsø.

    Let’s hope you get lots of snow in the next few months. Here it’s suddenly changed from unusually cold for England, with most nights below 0c and around 2c by day, to around 9 or 10c by day and not much cooler by night. I hope it gets cold again before spring, lol.

    Anyway enjoy being 20+12 and make the most of those lovely twilight days, and keep up the amazing photography as always! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben 🙂 I’m sure the snow will come eventually, most people here are very impatient as they want to go skiing, but I don’t mind 😉 I heard it’s 20 degrees in the south of Germany, now that is CRAZY – that would kind of spoil the Christmas mood I think!

  2. hallo hanneke ,
    die vulkaan klopt ,wel ver weg maar in patagonie is er een werkend exemplaar..
    groeten gerda

    1. Dat is wel erg ver weg ja 😀 de Stromboli is ook actief hoor 😉 maar meestal heb je een behoorlijke uitbarsting nodig om de zonsondergangen rood te kleuren – gebeurde wel na die in IJsland bijvoorbeeld.

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