Mørketid is here…

Mørketid is here…

Today we saw the sun for the very last time – for the coming two months it won’t come above the horizon. Last Saturday we ceremonially said goodbye to the sun by eating a mørketidsbolle (dark-time-doughnut) at the beach…

Goodbye sun!

The dark time does have its advantages though – plenty of opportunities for seeing the aurora! And the sad feeling of saying goodbye to the sun was soon forgotten this evening – we got quite a show…

Aurora from Ersfjordbotn Looking north from the foot of Store Blåmann

The aurora started as soon as it got dark, but I had to eat something before going out, and I left the house at 17:30. Some clouds were moving in from the south at Ersfjordbotn, so I moved to a place with a view to the north.

Rocks & Northern Lights At times the northern lights were brighter

There were some clouds here too, but it didn’t matter. I was fiddling with my camera trying to get a photo of a frozen puddle, when I happened to look behind me: WOW!!! The sky had gone crazy!

I was playing with the fisheye lens, trying to use a frozen pond as a foreground I turned around and suddenly the sky looked like THIS!

For a while, fast-moving aurora filled the whole sky – it was very impressive 🙂

Even the fisheye lens wasn't wide enough for capturing the bright active aurora A bright beam straight overhead

It calmed down again, and I decided to drive back towards Tromsø. I made another stop near Håkøya, as I noticed the lights had started dancing again…

Aurora reflected in the fjord Trees and aurora, taken near Håkøya

And even though the show continued, I drove home for some hot chocolate and photo editing. I got back just after 21:00 – not bad! A great start to the mørketid, bring it on 😀

4 thoughts on “Mørketid is here…

  1. I find it very funny to have a cake to celebrate the mørketid! 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures as always. I’m so jealous. I’d gladly exchange the sun for the aurora for a few months. Takk igjen for kalenderen! Fikk du e-posten min?

    1. Thanks Ben! Yes I did get your email – good to hear the calendar arrived so quickly. I’ll reply to your email, but please don’t worry about the postage 😉

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