Northern Norway at its Best

Northern Norway at its Best

Last night we drove to Sommarøy where we climbed Ørnfløya, a ti-på-topp peak which is only 160 m high but possibly has the best view of them all 🙂 It was our third visit to Ørnfløya, but this view never gets boring!

The small lake near the top of Ørnfløya Panorama looking at Sommarøy (far right) and Brensholem (on the left)

Panorama of Brensholmen, the ferry just departed towards Senja (the island in the background)

Afterwards we decided to have a cup of tea on the beach that we spotted in the panorama above. A really nice place, and it was sheltered from the wind too.

Old cabin near the beach Lovely beach at Brensholmen

Unfortunately the mosquitos are quite active lately, so after a while we got fed up of getting bitten and we decided to drive home. We didn’t get very far though, as the views were just TOO beautiful and we stopped for another break in the scenic little village of Bogen.

A jetty at Bogen, taken at about 23:00 This is truly Northern Norway at its very best... (almost) midnight sun, the fjord like a mirror and the only sound are seagulls and the splashes of jumping fish

It was such a beautiful evening that you just don’t want to go home – I really wished we had a tent with us, but unfortunately we both had to work the next morning 😉

Paul on on the jetty View from the jetty... I just couldn't stop taking photos!

A panorama image of Bogen…

Panorama of Bogen

We came home at half past midnight, but evenings like this are worth a lack of sleep 🙂

2 thoughts on “Northern Norway at its Best

  1. These pictures are absolutely amazing! Utrolig vakre bilder! At each photo I was making cooing noises like people do when besotted with a baby or cute animal. I miss northern Norway so much. I’m glad I’m going to southern Norway next week! 😀

  2. Tusen takk 😀 Nice to hear you’re going to visit southern Norway, have lots of fun! God ferie!!

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