Spring is slowly making its way to Tromsø, but this weekend we seem to have turned back to winter: snow showers! We were craving some fresh air though, so we decided to go for a walk anyway. We walked along the coast of the mainland, sometimes battered by snow and hail showers, other times enjoying bright sunshine 🙂 a great walk!

Walk along the coast in snowy weather... Snow and a boat house

Here you can see that spring is actually here: buds on the trees and oystercatchers. We even saw little lambs! I didn’t get a photo of them though, as they hurried inside the shed when it started snowing.

There are signs of springs though: buds on the trees Oystercatchers, another sign of spring

The sky was changing so quickly and the clouds were really impressive…

Between showers, the sun came out Threatening skies!

We came across many boathouses which are great subjects for photos 🙂

Very pretty views when the sun was out Another shower on its way in

Large parts of the beach consisted of big rocks grown over with grass – quite difficult to walk on!

Nearly there... In the middle of a snow shower, the mountains around us have disappeared

We came across this boat-repair-project (looked quite hopeless to me 😉 ), and from here we walked back to the car along the road.

This boat looked impossible to repair, but looks like they were trying to... Pretty clouds :)

May is a difficult month in Tromsø, at some point there is not enough snow for skiing but too much snow for hiking… beaches are the best destination then, as they are free of snow. It was great to get some fresh air, and we both really enjoyed our walk on the beach 🙂

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