Soldagen 2012

Soldagen 2012

The sun is back! I was unfortunately stuck at work, but we have quite a nice view from the roof, so I did get some pictures 🙂 There were silly clouds JUST on the horizon in the south, everywhere else the sky was completely clear 😀

Welcome back sun!!! Tromsdalstinden, Paul was on his way to the top while I took this photo

At the same time, Paul was on his way to the top of Tromsdalstinden, the mountain in the picture above. Look at the beautiful views that he had along the way…

A blue world... The sunrise!

He dug out the guestbook from the completely frozen cairn, and was pleased to find out that he was the first visitor in 2012. OR the first visitor who bothered to dig out the guestbook of course 😛

The frozen cairn on top of Tromsdalstinden Beautiful colours after sunset Tromsø seen from Tromsdalstinden

That’s all for now, we’re having a very busy week at the Tromsø filmfestival. We’re also having a visitor this weekend, who was very keen to see the northern lights. She completely lucked out, as last night the northern lights were active all night. We came home at 03:45 in the morning and they were still going strong… wow! I lent her my tripod, so I didn’t get any photos myself, but you can see two of her photos here and here. We might go out tonight again 🙂

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