Aurora timelapse

Last night we had a beautiful aurora show, which lasted for quite a long time. This enabled me to try something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time – a timelapse of the aurora! The video is only about 40 seconds, but covers 1.5 hour in reality :)

At some point the aurora became really weak, and Paul was keen to go home. I told him, “nope, I would like a grand finale to my video!”. I hadn’t finished my sentence when the aurora was suddenly very bright and dancing all over the sky… so magical! I often try to make the aurora come out, but this was the first time I succeeded :P


18 Responses to “Aurora timelapse”

  1. This is so awesome, Hanneke! Great job and how lucky for you! We’ve been getting aurora alerts, but have cloudy skies. BOO!

    • Hanneke says:

      Thanks! The aurora has been really active for the last 3 days, but I was only able to go out last night. Pity you have clouds :( I think this season is going to be great though, so there will be more opportunities! Enjoy your Sunday :)

  2. Lee says:

    How I wanna go there:-)
    Thanks for sharing beautiful video.

  3. Eelke says:

    Yes, I saw it too. It is really beautiful!
    But this movie is much better than my pictures.

    • Hanneke says:

      Hi, glad you got to see it too, it was a wonderful show! I love taking pictures of the aurora, but I always find that they can never really show how it moves around, that’s why I wanted to try this… it’s easy to do actually!

  4. Dave says:

    Hanneke- only word for your video is beautiful! Dave

  5. Ben says:

    So beautiful and wonderfully captured! How I envy you and anyone else lucky enough to see this spectacular display of nature’s awe. I especially love from 0:27 – 0:33.

    • Hanneke says:

      Thanks Ben! Yep that part was definitely the best! I *almost* packed my camera away just before that started, so glad I didn’t! It was really spectacular :)

  6. fruchtzwerg says:

    did you also see the fireworks? that was quite cool, aurora in the sky complemented by fireworks from the town centre….

    • Hanneke says:

      Thanks :) I didn’t see or hear any fireworks, was that on Saturday evening? We were at Telegrafbukta so perhaps too far away. Sounds like a nice combination though :D

  7. els says:

    Hallo Hanneke,
    Wat een geweldig mooie opname, en ook de muziek erbij is mooi gekozen!
    Groetjes, Els.

    • Hanneke says:

      Dankje :) De muziek is van Grieg, vond het wel mooi om een Noorse componist te kiezen! Groetjes, Hanneke

  8. Martha says:

    BRAVO…BRAVO!!! ENCORE! WOW!!! What a show! Thank you for letting me see something I will never see live. I wish I could slow it down to real time to compare how it really happens. Of course seeing it at this speed with such TERRIFICLY GLORIOUS music is just more that I could have ever imagined. Thank you Thank you. Now you have spring and winter in time lapse, That’s just a begininning of your filming talents. More later. Did you hear it snowed in Las Vegas again? What’s with your friend’s big day in the NW USA?

    • Hanneke says:

      Thanks Martha!! Glad you enjoyed it :) I used music from Grieg, thought it was fitting to use a Norwegian composer.

      You had snow?! Wow!

      We haven’t planned anything for our trip to the USA yet, but it’s in early August so I guess it will be HOT in your area… will send you some more info by email.

  9. gerard says:

    Breathtaking video! You lucky lady! :O)

    I just wrote your birthday at the calender of this year.

    Hope i can send you a message!
    The best wishes for your last birthday and keep up the marvelous work!

    Greetings, Gerard.

  10. Nice work Hanneke,

    I tried a time-lapse myself that night and I hope to be able to post it soon on my web..

    Really nice blog with wonderful pictures!

    All the best from Kvaløya, /night-sky photographer Fredrik Broms