Liquid Apfelstrudel

Liquid Apfelstrudel

We went for a walk today, following the road/path that leads to the top of Kjølen. Winter has come early this year, we’ve had the first snow a few weeks ago. It keeps melting away though, so we weren’t sure what the snow conditions higher up would be like.  At first, the snow wasn’t very deep and the path had been used by many others.

The path we followed up A partly frozen stream

The road leads to a couple of lakes that are used as a source of drinking water. From there, we followed a path marked by poles. Nobody else had taken the path though, and the snow was much deeper this high up (400 m), so we put our snowshoes on. I finally bought myself a “real” pair of snowshoes. We both have a pair of army snowshoes – much cheaper, but they are made for big army guys 😉 and way too wide for me. I was very keen to try my new ones! For those interested, I bought the Atlas Electra 12. They are brilliant; really easy to put on (even with my large mittens), lightweight, and very comfortable.

On the way up Me and my new snowshoes

At the shore of one of the lakes, we found these frost flowers growing on top of the ice. So pretty!

Big ice crystals growing on the ice of a lake Very beautiful ice crystals!

You might wonder why I gave this blog such a strange title 😀 We usually take a thermos with a hot drink with us… but today we were out of all the drinks we like to bring. I went trough the kitchen cupboards to see if I could find anything else suitable. I found a box of “Lämmin Kuppi Omena-Kaneli” which we bought in Finland, mainly out of curiosity as it looked like some kind of apple cinnamon soup. It was exactly that, but what we thought were croutons were actually small bits of apple like you find in apfelstrudels. It was quite amusing to experience liquid apfelstrudel 😀 but very yummy!!

Liquid apfelstrudel from Finland

We didn’t continue all the way to the top of Kjølen, as it was getting dark. We are losing daylight very fast now, by the end of November the sun will set for 2 months! On the way back down, we had a beautiful view of Tromsø island in the evening light….

Tromsø island in the evening light

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