Last Wednesday I visited the botanical garden of the University of Utrecht with my mum. I’ve never really liked the campus of this university, it’s full of very big modern buildings (I prefer the old universities šŸ™‚ ) and right next to the highway, which makes it very noisy. Even in the botanical garden you can constantly hear the noise from the cars. Still, the garden is like an oasis and very calm. There was hardly anyone there. We walked around for a long time, I always enjoy taking photos of flowers…

Colourful flower Sunny orange flower

And my mum takes photos of me šŸ˜€

That's what I look like taking photos :D

We were very lucky, they had a special butterfly exhibition in one of the glasshouses. It was supposed to have finished the week before, but they extended it for another week – great! I took my macro lens with me, it was a paradise for macro photography šŸ™‚ The glasshouse was quite small and FULL of butterflies, it was easy to get very close to them. They are so pretty!

A male Cairns Birdwing butterfly (from Australia) - so pretty! Butterfly & pretty flower
This one had to flap its wings very fast to be able to hover near the flower

There was a bowl of fruit which attracted a lot of butterflies, and they’d sit very still eating their grape or banana. I love their big “alien” eyes!

Butterfly eating a grape - love the alien eyes! The paper kite (or rice paper) butterfly

There were also several butterflies mating – the girl who worked in the garden kept pointing them out for me šŸ˜€ She was very friendly. Some butterflies have such amazing wings, they really are artworks of nature!

Mating butterflies Some of their wings are like artwork! This one is an owl butterfly

Here you can see their long tongues… good thing they can roll them up šŸ˜€

Their long tongues are fascinating Big alien eyes :)

It was a windy day, but warm enough to sit outside and enjoy a cup of tea at the cafe in the garden. We spent several hours in the botanical garden, a nice way to spent the afternoon!

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