The first signs of Spring

The first signs of Spring

We came back from our trip to Russia last night – we had a great time! I took many pictures and it will take some time to sort them out and resize them for the blog, but hopefully I’ll be able to share them soon!

The weather during our trip was mostly cloudy, but Tromsø has had very nice weather. And temperatures up to plus 10 degrees! So a lot of the snow has melted – spring is on its way 🙂 We went for a little walk to the beach at Telegrafbukta. This butterfly landed on our house when we walked out. It was very busy at the beach, lots of kids playing and people having barbecues.

We spent some time soaking up the warm sunrays, very nice!

I had my macro lens with me, so I played around taking photos of barnacles (they look like they have little bird beaks inside!) and some ice I found on the beach.

What a lovely day! Unfortunately tomorrow it’s back to work for both of us…

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