Ten Minutes

Ten Minutes

Ten minutes is all it takes to walk from our house to Telegrafbukta, the beach at the south tip of Tromsø island. I love this place – especially in winter when you often have the beach to yourself. If I do meet someone there, he/she is usually carrying a camera as well 🙂 Today I needed some fresh air after work, and I went to the beach to watch the snow showers come in – and the view disappear…

When the snow started falling, I walked home – time for a some hot chocolate on the sofa 🙂 It’s great to live so close to a beach!

We’ve had a lot of snow in the last couples of days, and it keeps falling. Sometimes I long for Summer, but when the sun comes out and all the fresh snow sparkles, that is quickly forgotten!

I will soon upload some pictures of when my brother and his family visited – I took many! It’s been so busy with visitors and working extra shifts in between to compensate for taking time off, I’ve hardly had time for anything. Work is going well though, I really enjoy it. I’m getting towards the end of my training period, and have already done a few shifts on my own. I’ve done 2 radio interviews so far – quite scary but a great experience! For those interested, you can listen back to my second interview (from 2 days ago) here (starting around 42:00 – and stay tuned for one of my favourite songs after the interview!).

3 thoughts on “Ten Minutes

  1. Gratulere på den først sendingen din! Norsken din er kjempefint! Om jeg hadde ikke visst at det er du som gav rapporten, ville jeg ikke hadde visst at hun er ikke norsk. 🙂

    So what's it like speaking on the radio? Og på din tredje språk – imponerende!

  2. I've just realised how many mistakes are in my last comment, lol. My Norwegian is a little rusty. 😛

  3. Takk 🙂 du er ganske flink i norsk! As for mine, I think the Norwegians will hear immediately that I'm not from here 😀

    I was very nervous the first time I spoke on the radio, but you get used to it. I try not to think about being life on air and how many people are listening 😉 The most difficult is the questions they ask before you start reading the forecast, I am always worried I won't understand their question or that I won't know the answer!

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