Gerda in Tromsø

As promised, some more photos of my mum’s visit to Tromsø. After that first clear night when we saw the aurora, she wasn’t very lucky with the weather. But we went out anyway, and on one of these trips we visited Håkøya, my favourite place around here! It was a very windy day with lots of snow showers but we managed to visit during a brief break in the showers. There was a lot of drifting sea ice around there…

Paul was brave (or stupid?) enough to stand on one of the ice bits, he had to jump off when it started sinking!

Some portraits…

And Paul with a moose sign :)

We found these cute mini snowman, or better snow birds, on the railing of a restaurant terrace on a snowy/rainy day in the city centre. By the evening there was nothing left of them, they had melted.

A photo of me on a very icy pier at Telegrafbukta, and one of my favourite building. I have a collection of photos of this building in several seasons, quite nice! See for example this one (or this one) for a very different view of the same building.

My mum also took these nice photos of our house, on the only sunny day she had in Tromsø (which of course I spent at work!). The first photo shows what I call the back of the building, which actually has the front door. You can’t really see our house in this one, we are in the third one. The second one is at the front, with the windows of our front room on the top floor and the bedroom and the guestroom on the ground floor. (And no, that ugly satellite dish is not ours! )

After a short break we have visitors again, this time my brother and his family, including my 2 year old niece :) The weather has been beautiful in the last few days (though very cold!) and I’m sure there’ll be lots of photos to share. For now, you can see some on their blog.

2 Responses to “Gerda in Tromsø”

  1. Cool pix as usual… Tromsø looks like a seriously cool place. Enjoy the good weather while it last!!! :-)

  2. … while it lasts!!! ;-)