On Saturday we drove to Håkøya, an island near Tromsø. We noticed that large parts of the sea are frozen, something we’ve never seen before! It hasn’t been especially cold, but it has been windstill and we had freezing fog (on the day the sun was supposed to come back) – so perhaps this caused the sea to freeze? The sun only comes up for a short period and by the time we arrived it was after sunset. The sky still had a deep orange colour though, and the views over the frozen sea were beautiful…

It was quite cold, so we didn’t walk for too long 😉 When we came back to the car, on one side it was getting quite dark while the lights were coming on…

While on the other side, the sky still had some colours, and was reflected in the very still water.

On Sunday the weather was overcast, and we decided to visit a waterfall near Ramfjorden. It was all frozen over, with spectacular ice formations! Below you can see Paul sitting on part of this ice fall, and some of the icicles that are part of it.

And some more ice formations.. the second photo is taken with quite a long exposure, which blurs the water flowing underneath the icicles.

It was a fun weekend! We also enjoyed the Tromsø International Film Festival last week. We saw 10 films, and we liked most of them. We thought we’d be fed up of going to the cinema by the end of the week, but we actually regretted it was over! Last night after watching our last film, we cycled to Telegrafbukta to watch the aurora from the beach, under a bright moon – a great end to the weekend 🙂

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  1. Thanks :)) It was really beautiful, I couldn't stop taking photos 😀

    Ben, when is your next trip to Norway? 🙂

  2. Don't know yet. I'd like to go back in May, but I'll have to see how much money I have at the time. I'm going to Poland next month with some fiends, so at the moment I'm saving for that. 🙂

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