More Aurora

We were hoping to go out to take more photos of the northern lights later this week, but just before 23:00 tonight we got a call from Sevim: active aurora! We looked out of the window and we saw a very bright display, even in the south. We quickly decided to drive somewhere, hoping the aurora wouldn’t disappear in the mean time ;)

We drove towards Store Blåmannen, a large mountain which I call the Matterhorn of Tromsø ;) (it looks a bit similar). We found a place to take photos, but of course the lights were most active while I was still setting up my tripod and camera, there was hardly anything left by the time I was ready ;) It was still very pretty though. The moon was nearly full and very bright.

After a while we started to get very cold (it was quite windy which made it feel cold) and the activity of the northern lights didn’t seem to increase, so we decided to go home. While we walked back to the car, suddenly the sky was filled with green beams, it was beautiful!! Of course it was decreasing again by the time I got my tripod and camera set up once more, but I still got some nice photos of the more active display:

Now it’s 2 in the morning, and I should really get some sleep! So this is all for now. I still hope we can go another time later in the week, if the weather stays good!


2 Responses to “More Aurora”

  1. Gorgeous Hanneke!! The lights were out for me tonight. My camera is ‘warming up’ a little before I pull my card out. It’s below zero out there, and we’re heading down to -25F – or so the weatherman says. I hope he’s wrong! You have a beautiful place to photograph the lights from. I’m envious!

  2. Hanneke says:

    Thanks Susan!! We had a great show on Thursday night too, but it didn’t start until about midnight when I was ready for bed… last night the forecast was good but it was overcast :( Oh well, I’m sure there will be more chances.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures, I can’t believe the kind of temperatures you have to brave!! That’s the good thing of being close to the sea, it rarely gets colder than about -5 C (23F) here.

    There are many beautiful places to photograph the northern lights from up here, I am lucky with that. And with a boyfriend who is happy to come with me (and drive me there!) :)