Rainy weekend

We had another weekend of +5 °C and rain… Lots of the snow has melted, even on the mountains. So no skiing this weekend! But to avoid being stuck inside the flat all weekend, we did go for a drive this afternoon and walked along the beach for a while. It was nice to get some fresh air, to smell the sea and even smell soil and plants – wow! The wind was very strong and the rain pouring down, it made the landscape look really wild. 

But never mind, click on the image below to see the weather I will be having next week…

Not bad!! I’m going to Mexico City for a week, to attend Paola’s wedding. Tanja and Nicole will be there too. We were all PhD students in Norwich in 2005-2006, but then Nicole moved back to the States (haven’t seen her since!), Paola left for Spain and then back to Mexico, and Tanja moved to Cambridge. I’m really excited about going there, spending time with them, attend the wedding, see Mexico City… and enjoy some sunshine of course!! I’m leaving this Wednesday and coming back on Friday the 13th (hmm). I’m not taking my laptop, so I don’t think there will be any updates until I’m back in Tromsø – but I am sure I will have LOTS of photos to share then!

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