Silence on the blog

Silence on the blog

I’ve been in Norwich for 2 weeks now and mostly been working hard. This is my last month as a paid PhD student, then I have another year to finish and submit. I hope to submit sooner than that though! I’m feeling the pressure now… but trying not to get stressed while writing as much as I can.

I don’t have a camera at the moment… Paul took my SLR on his cruise, and my compact camera is being repaired at the moment. It had a small hair (or rather a bit of dust) inside the camera that shows up on every photo, very annoying. It’s costing me half of what I originally paid for the camera… But I’m quite attached to my camera and this model is not made anymore. So I decided it was worth it… it’s taking forever though and it’s quite strange for me to be without any camera!

In a week’s time I’m going to Tromsø for 10 days. Paul will be back from his cruise (if they don’t get stuck in the ice again!), and then we’ll finally have some time to get used to our new home and also to find some furniture for it. I’m looking forward to it! New updates will have to wait until I’m there, and until I can find an internet connection – might be another 1-2 weeks…

And because I can’t write a blog without any images, here’s a funny cartoon that Gert-Jan sent me. It’s from a Dutch paper, so I have translated it into English… 🙂

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