Autumn colours in Tromsø

I arrived in Tromsø last Saturday, and from the plane I already noticed the very stunning autumn colours – everything is red and yellow! We went for a walk on Sunday, next to a river. It was beautiful… It was very windy but the wind was quite warm and it was nice to be out and smell the autumn!

I’ve been hoping for sunshine to get even better photos of the trees, but the weather has been very autumnal too: storm and rain. The trees are now losing their leaves as well. We’re really enjoying our new flat, it’s even more cosy when you can hear the rain beating on the roof. Since today, we have internet at home so I was finally able to post some pictures :) We were hoping to go on a multi-day hiking trip this weekend, but not if it continues to rain like this…

Either way, I hope I can post more pictures soon. Paul also has a lot of good pictures from his cruise, I’ll see if I can get him to upload some on this blog!

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