Beautiful Stockholm

I’m in Stockholm for a conference (on boundary layers & turbulence) this week. It’s been a very busy week – the disadvantage of going to such a specialized conference is that I can’t really skip any sessions so I am usually around from 9:00 to 18:00 every day. I gave a talk yesterday, it went fine and it was a relief to have that done!

So there hasn’t been much time for sightseeing, and even most of the evenings were busy with receptions and conference dinners (at stunning locations!). Luckily the evenings are long – no midnight sun here, but it doesn’t get dark until midnight or so. Stockholm is an incredibly beautiful city! I’d love to spend more time here… The city is built on lots of islands, so there is a lot of water and ships everywhere, I love that. Here are some photos to give you an impression… they don’t really do the city justice though, as I have only been able to snap quick pictures while walking around town with a group of people.

Today is the last day of the conference, and it ends at about 15:00. So there finally is some time to see a bit more! I’m going to visit the Vasa Museum to see the ship that “sunk and then came up again” as my supervisor keeps calling it. Then I have to leave VERY early tomorrow (4 in the morning…) to fly to Geneva (through London). I’ll meet Paul there for the weekend, before he heads off to his paragliding course and I will go to a summer school in the French Alps. Busy busy… but enjoying myself!

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