Back in Tromsø

Back in Tromsø

Sorry for the long silence on this blog! Last Sunday, the KV Svalbard arrived back in Tromsø and Paul’s cruise is over now. I was supposed to fly here tonight, but I changed my ticket and arrived on Saturday instead. Paul knew nothing about this and it was fun to surprise him early Sunday morning – still asleep in his cabin, hehe.

They had an “open ship” on Sunday, for anyone interested in the ship or the science. The scientists presented what they had done on the cruise. Here’s Paul explaining how the Arctic Ocean works…

I was around for most of the day and later when I went home, I saw the ship going under the bridge on its way to the dock where they were going to unload the ship.

Tromsø has changed a lot since we were last here! Hardly any snow left except high on the mountains, trees are turning green and there are lots of flowers around. The weather has been sunny and warm as well, very nice! This was yesterday in the city centre…

I’m only here until Sunday morning, when I start my crazy tour of Europe – first a conference in Sweden, then 2 weeks of summer school in the French Alps and then a few days of holiday in Switzerland!! It will be very busy and lots of traveling, but I’m looking forward to it. Especially to being back in Switzerland (my favourite country!) – it’s been way too long since I was last there!

The midnight sun has arrived here so the days are very long. If the weather stays this nice, we’ll sure go for a couple of trips – as soon as the car is fixed! It’s been standing still for too long and the battery is completely flat. I’m going to buy a charger today so that should fix the problem. Hopefully more photos soon!

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