Today I finally finished my work (for a meeting tomorrow morning) and I had the afternoon off! It was really sunny so I went for a walk around the lake at campus.

I played with the macro function of my camera, always fun! I came back with lots of photos of dandelions… I finally know it is actually pronounced dandeLIONS and not danDElions, the version I used for a long time! Paul thought it was funny and instead of correcting me he started saying it like that as well, which was very confusing! In the end I really didn’t know which version was right and I had to ask other people, hehe. I still think my version is prettier though 😉 what have they got to do with lions anyway? Though in Dutch their name means horse flowers which also makes no sense. Ahh I just found the origin of the name here, interesting!

Another funny story about dandelions is that my grandfather thought they were weeds and should be removed from the garden, and my mum didn’t agree with this at all, she thinks they are pretty. Every time my grandfather came to our place, he would complain about the dandelions in our garden and my mum thought that was funny so on purpose she never removed them (2 stubborn people 😉 ). She once gave him a framed photo of my brothers and sister and I in a field full of them… so this was a joke that kept coming back in my family!

Anyway, the best ones are the ones with “parachutes”!

It was really nice to spend some time in the sun! It will be strange to go back to the cold tomorrow… Well Tromso actually had temperatures of up to 18 degrees last week, hard to believe! But in Svalbard temperatures are still below freezing so that will be a bit of a change from English spring time…

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