Misty Norwich

Misty Norwich


I’ve been in Norwich for a week now, quite nice to be back and spend time with friends!

The things you do for a free breakfast… today if you cycled to university you got a free breakfast, but supply was limited and they started giving them out at 7:45. We were so keen that we actually got there at 7:45!! I don’t think I’ve ever been at uni that early 😉 It was nice though, a beautiful morning, we ate our breakfast outside. We saw a hot air balloon coming over the university as well…

I’ve been working very hard – sometimes I’m at uni for over 12 hours which is very unlike me 😉 But I am nearing the end of my funding faster than the end of my research… I’m trying to work as hard as I can so I can finish as soon as possible. I’m so ready to find a “real” job sometimes, I even went to an open day about becoming a primary school teacher. Scary stuff…

Anyway, when I finally left university today, I noticed that there was a very spectacular case of ground fog. This type of fog is called radiation fog occurring on very clear, still days at sunset. The layer of fog was really thin, less than a metre in places! I tried to take some photos, I had to use my backpack as a tripod so I was a bit limited but I am still happy with the result! You can see people in some of the photos, they are taken near the student accommodation and I was not the only one fascinated by the fog.

Paul also sent me more photos and stories from the Arctic. The internet connection on the ship is very slow, so I’ll put those online for him. Coming soon!

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