Polar bear

Polar bear

“Good morning good morning, it’s 7:20 and there is a polar bear outside your door!”

The wake up announcement was 10 minutes early so that we had time to go and have a look at him before breakfast. Very well organised this ship :-). The bear was about 20 meters away, from the ship, so I could just take the photo from starboard corner of the stern. After wandering around for a bit and sniffing all the instruments it turned round, did a crap and wandered off. I guess he didn’t think too much of us!

We’re on the move again this evening. I haven’t seen much outside as I’ve just finished up a long session in the salt mine (lab), but I felt the engines rumble into action a while ago.

There’s just been an intriguing announcement: “There will be a social event in the officers lounge at 21:15, everybody’s invited. Bring your luck and good charm and it will be an experience…” Guess I’ll find out in a bit!

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