While in the Netherlands, of course I visited my baby niece Mare (born on the 20th of February). I still can’t quite believe I am now actually somebody’s aunt, but Mare is very cute! And so tiny… Here are two photos taken yesterday (click for larger versions).



Today I visited the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam with Gert-Jan. This is a modern art museum I always wanted to visit, but they are now at a temporary location while the museum is rebuilt. There wasn’t that much to see, but the exhibition of 60 years Magnum photography definitely was worth visiting, I was very impressed! Martin Parr is a Magnum photographer that I particularly like, he has brilliant photos of British sea side resorts and the Ascot races.

I’m here for two more days and then I’m flying back to winter wonderland :) Tomorrow I’m going on a little trip with my mum and my sister (who took a day off work for that, how nice!) so I might have some more photos soon!

One Response to “Mare”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hoi my dear,

    you already look like a great auntie:P

    I wish you a very good trip back to the Northern wonderland

    I will write to you soon.


    A certain swiss girl lost in the Finnish wilderness