Reindeer Racing

The reindeer races took place last week. Unfortunately it was a rainy day, the temperatures were above zero – it makes a horrible mess of the snow. Luckily there was enough snow in Tromsø’s main street for the races to take place (I actually think they cheated and got snow from elsewhere!)

The races were really impressive, I had never seen anything like it! Very fast… Here are some photos I took. In the last one you can see that there was also a race for children!

Reindeer Races Tromso 2008 Reindeer Races Tromso 2008

Reindeer Races Tromso 2008 Reindeer Races Tromso 2008

Reindeer Races Tromso 2008 Reindeer Races Tromso 2008

Here’s an experiment, see if I can show a video of the races!

The races are organized by Sami people, I love their colorful clothes!

Reindeer Races Tromso 2008 Reindeer Races Tromso 2008

By the end of the races we were all cold so we went for some soup/coffee inside a Sami tent, sitting on reindeer skins around the fire… very cosy! As you can see in the photo below those tents are made of wood and reindeer skinds, with a big hole in the top to let the smoke out.

Reindeer Races Tromso 2008

It kept raining on Monday and Tuesday, and then finally temperatures dropped below zero again and we had fresh snow. A lot better than the mess you get when the snow melts and it rains on top of that! Unfortunately today that happened again… blegh. We’ve been trying to find a second hand car this week, no luck so far. Would be great to have one and explore the area aroundTromsø a bit more!

2 Responses to “Reindeer Racing”

  1. Bart en Kaya says:

    ziet er echt helemaal tegek uit. Ik vind jullie verhalen altijd klinken alsof jullie gewoon op een vet lange vakantie zijn. Jullie doen zoveel leuke dingen samen en genieten zo van alles om jullie heen. Helemaal heerlijk!

    kus kaya

  2. There was reindeer racing in Anchorage this past weekend too. So fun! :)