Spring Auroras

Last night the aurora was out again – and I was keen to get some photos. The midnight sun is creeping up on us, and soon it will be too light to see the northern lights – so better make the most of it now! The aurora wasn’t that bright last night, and had to compete with the brightening moon too. At Sydspissen (the south tip of Tromsø island) I found this nice boat house, and now there was finally enough moon light to include it in the photo. The sky wasn’t as bright as I was hoping, there were some high clouds – but that did result in a pretty (partial) moon halo!

Aurora seen from Sydspissen A bright arch above the boat house

Aurora shining straight through the moon ;) Aurora and partial moon halo


3 Responses to “Spring Auroras”

  1. Tomas says:

    … and bright Jupiter (or Venus?) near the roof of the boat house too. Amazing!

  2. Nuno says:

    What’s the star above the boat house?? I’m curious!!!
    It’s so bright!
    Here in Portugal at night I can see the beautiful bright points (Jupiter and Venus) and the larger Moon together. I never get tired of looking the sky!

  3. Hanneke says:

    I think it’s Venus, but I am not entirely sure (could be Jupiter). They have both been very bright in the past weeks, beautiful to see :)
    Thank you both for your comments! I never get tired of looking at the sky either :)