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Month: May 2011

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

The midnight sun is back! I love this season 🙂 Last Sunday, we took the cable car up at 22:30. The cable car now runs until 1:00 in the morning so that people can see the midnight sun from there. What a view! This panorama is taken at about 23:00.

Panorama of Tromsø island from the top of the cable car, at 23:00

The weather was very calm and warm enough to sit down and enjoy the midnight sun with some chocolate and a cup of tea 🙂 The snow is slowly disappearing, but we still had to cross large patches and at times I sank into the snow until my knees! Not long though until I can go hiking… Ti på Topp is starting on Sunday, can’t wait!

The photos below are taken around midnight. I thought the sun might disappear behind the mountains, but it didn’t 🙂

Close to midnight, the light became very yellow Crossing a patch of snow - not really skiing conditions anymore!

We took the last cable car down at 1:00, what a magical evening! I’ll probably come back next week to watch something very special – a solar eclipse at midnight!! Fingers crossed for clear skies 🙂