Mørketid in Tromsø

Mørketid in Tromsø

We started our Saturday with a walk at Telegrafbukta. It was about 12:30 and the sun was setting. We are now officially in “mørketid” – the dark time, but as you can see the sky still gets light and the colours are very pretty!

Tromsø palms silhouetted against the pretty sky My favourite boat house... I can't stop taking photos of it :D

I love this little building, it houses a cafe when the open air museum is open Another favourite place of mine, the jetty at Telegrafbukta

After our walk, we cycled to the city centre to have a look around the shops. I knew the Christmas lights had been put up, so I brought my camera to get some pictures. Tromsø is so pretty at Christmas time 🙂

The city centre all decorated for Christmas Tromsø Cathedral

The Christmas lights have been put up. Hearts are a common theme for Christmas in Norway :) The high street. This is taken at about 14:45 and it's getting very dark

In the evening, I was hoping for some northern lights activity. Although the forecast wasn’t looking too promising, at least the skies were clear! I kept an eye on the webcam, which is very convenient if you don’t want to stand outside (freezing!) all night. At first a faint green glow appeared on the horizon, but then just before 20:00, it exploded across the whole sky! We quickly grabbed warm clothes, camera gear, and a thermos of hot chocolate and jumped in the car. The photos below are taken along Ersfjorden. The lights were dancing all over the sky, it was hard to decide where to point the camera!

The whole sky coloured green, it was amazing!! The lights were dancing all over the sky, I wish I could have taken a video

After a while, the activity died down, and we decided to drive a bit further. We took the road towards Sommarøy, which goes over a very dark mountain pass. The photos below are taken from there. The northern lights had become very diffuse, even though they were still filling the entire sky. On a long exposure (25 seconds) the green still comes out, but to the naked eye it did not have as much colour. While I took the panorama below, some more active northern lights appeared on the horizon, but it didn’t last very long.

Here the northern lights were still filling the whole sky, but they had become quite diffuse. A 25 second exposure brought out the green quite nicely, but in reality we did not see this much colour A panorama of the mountains and aurora. To the far right, an arc of aurora was becoming bright and active

When the hot chocolate was finished, and our feet started to get cold, we decided it was time to go home. Click here to watch an animation of the northern lights last night (wait for the second half of the video) – quite impressive!

9 thoughts on “Mørketid in Tromsø

  1. Those pictures are so beautiful. Especially the ones of the nordlys. I was a little envious of yourselves and anyone fortunate enough to see them in their tome town, then I realised how it’s only through the internet that I’m to see them at all. So I thank you for sharing these moments of natural beauty with the world. I hope you don’t get tired of mørketid before the sun comes back again. 🙂

    Regards from England

    1. Thanks Ben! I’m sure I’ll be very excited once the sun comes back, but I don’t really get tired of mørketid, the light can be so pretty.
      Did you get snow where you live? At some point I think it was colder in the UK than here!

  2. Absolutely stunning, Hanneke! I love the glimpse into your world!

    It’s nearly -40F here this early morning. My silk long underwear is my best friend!

    Be well,

    1. -40F… I had to convert that as I never got used to Fahrenheit temperatures. But that’s actually the same in Celsius, BRRR!!! I’m glad it never gets that cold here, we don’t really come below zero in Fahrenheit – we are too close to the sea and the Warm Gulfstream makes sure the sea never freezes.

      Hope you had a great time “down south” 🙂

  3. Hanneke- very envious of your sightings of the Northern Lights and as usual fantastic photos. Hopefully we can see some activity when we travel your way in March. Hope you cope ok with the dark winter. Take care Dave

    1. Thanks Dave 🙂 I cross my fingers you’ll have some spectacular shows in March!

      I’m coping alright with the darkness, it’s hardest when the weather is bad and you hardly see any daylight. It’s also difficult at times when I am working night shifts and by the time I wake up in the afternoon all the daylight is gone… but otherwise I actually quite enjoy this time!

  4. prachtige foto’s hanneke! en alvast gefeleiciteerd met je verjaardag! en nog veel jaren!

    groeten, Gerard.

    1. Hallo Gerard! Dankjewel! En een gelukkig 2011!! Dat het maar een heel mooi jaar mag worden 🙂

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