Losing light & gaining light

We’re losing daylight very quickly now… These photos were taken a week ago, when it was still possible to watch the sunset after work (at about 16:00). We’re losing 10 minutes every day, and after the clocks went back too, the sun now disappears behind the mountains at 14:00.

One of the last sunsets this year... Paul watching the sunset

Fortunately, we also gain some lights :) my favourite kind! This photo was taken last night. I was on my way to bed, so all I did was step out of the front door to take a quick photo. (This beautiful house has been empty for years… I dream of moving in sometimes :D)

Northern lights, taken from just outside our front door. This house has been empty for many years, isn't that sad?


4 Responses to “Losing light & gaining light”

  1. I love your blog entries with all the photos and the information. I didn’t know you were losing light so much more quickly than we are. I thought losing 7 minutes a day was tough!

    It’s amazing how similar Norway and Alaska are when looking at your photos. Such a beautiful place! I would love to visit.

  2. Hanneke says:

    Thanks Susan! :)

    Tromsø is quite a bit further north than Fairbanks (69 degrees instead of 64, roughly as far north as Deadhorse…), so we lose light quicker – at the end of this month, the sun won’t come above the horizon at all anymore :( We’re lucky with the Gulf Stream though, our climate is quite mild compared to places at a similar latitude in Alaska.

    I wish you could come visit – I’d love to show you around :D I’m sure you would love it here. It is quite similar to Alaska in many ways, the differences are mostly cultural I think.

    • Hanneke says:

      That’s so cool :D 5 years ago, wonder if someone was living in that house back then?? Such a pity it’s abandoned… but apparently they are planning to take it down :(
      Have you been taking photos of the northern lights recently? I haven’t since that photo, impatiently waiting for more opportunities!

      (Speaking about funny coincidences, the other day I found someone else’s northern lights photo taken at Telegrafbukta and I could see myself on the jetty with my tripod :D)