From Summer to Winter

We came back from Crete a week ago – we had a wonderful time there, swimming in the sea every day, eating outside for every meal, lots of sunshine and temperatures between 20 and 28 degrees. Coming back to Tromsø was a bit of a shock – it was 5 degrees and raining when we arrived. I had planned to change clothes in the airport on Crete, but didn’t get a chance – so I stepped out of the plane in Tromsø still wearing shorts and tshirt, brrrrr :D. Two days later came another weather shock – SNOW! It’s been snowing quite a lot in the last week, we’ve had about 10 cm. It’s not cold enough to stay on the ground for very long though. Unfortunately I haven’t taken any good photos of the snow (and today it warmed up and started raining), but I did take this photo of Polaria reflected in a large pond created by melting snow. Polaria is a museum, and Paul works in the building behind it.

Polaria reflected in a large pond

We took lots of photos in Crete, I’m still trying to sort them for on the blog. Today I am leaving for a mini cruise though, taking the Hurtigruten from Tromsø to Kirkenes and back. I will travel on one of the older ships, the MS Lofoten. I’ll be back in Tromsø on Tuesday night. I’ll publish the photos from Crete when I get back. Have a nice weekend!

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