Waiting for the Light

We’ve been back in Tromsø for a week now. A week with rubbish weather unfortunately – temperatures were above zero all week and we had lots of rain. The rain would still freeze on the ground though, which turned the whole city into an ice rink! One day I couldn’t even get up the hill next to the house – way too slippery. Our car doors keep freezing too, we’ve never had a problem with that before. Yesterday after we finally managed to open them, they froze while we were inside the car! Luckily they defrosted after driving around for a while. We need snow!

The weather finally cleared up yesterday, and we went for a little trip with Maiten, hoping to see the northern lights. They had been quite active, but by the time we got out of town they had died down. I only took this photo below, which does show a green glow, but I used an exposure of more than 7 minutes! Still, shows how many stars there were :)

The days have been getting lighter, and the sun comes above the horizon now. Not yet above the mountains, we have to wait until Thursday for that. I took this panorama just before 15:00, it was quite dark already but I loved the cloud!

That’s all for now, but I hope to upload some more photos of our Christmas break tomorrow :)

2 Responses to “Waiting for the Light”

  1. Ben says:

    That's a great panorama photo!

  2. raad van je vader om autodeuren open te houden …insmeren met talkpoeder of anders siliconenspray voor rubber .laatste is erg makkelijk en werkt zeer goed .groetjes gerda