Midnight Sun Rain

At this time of year Tromsø gets 24 hours of sunlight…. though lately it’s been more like 24 hours of rain!! Today the sun peeped through a few times, which made for beautiful rainbows! The one on the right ends in the Mack brewery, that’s where the gold is apparently ;)

3 Responses to “Midnight Sun Rain”

  1. nicnik says:

    Apparently Seattle has stolen all your sunshine, all 24hrs/day of it! It’s been sunny and HOT for the last 7 days in a row and the forecast says it’ll keep it up a while longer! WOOO!

    Good luck with your thesis writing! I send you good writing karma vibes.

  2. Hanneke says:

    Shall we make a deal? You get to keep the sunshine while I am writing up my thesis, so I don't get distracted by nice weather… but I get it back after I submit! Deal? ;)

    Enjoy sunny Seattle!!!

  3. nicnik says:

    haha! Deal :)