Two last photos…

…before I’m off to Mexico! It has been snowing all day today, but in the evening it calmed down. It’s so beautiful, there has been no wind at all, so all the trees are still covered in snow. I walked home through a winter wonderland, and just had to go back after dinner to get some photos… The first one is taken in our street, and the second is a museum very close to work.

Strange idea that I will be in a totally different climate in 2 days time!

4 Responses to “Two last photos…”

  1. atmozphere says:

    hey hanneke, wish you a safe trip and lots of fun in mexico! :-)

  2. li, miao says:

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  3. Have a great time in Mexico! We had a hard time adjusting to the climate change in Hawaii, when compared to Alaska. :) The humidity and warmth was nice, but it felt ‘damp’ all the time. Weird. We had a great time. I’m sure you will enjoy the warmth and sunshine too!