We had a big storm here yesterday! At first there was a lot of rain, but when I biked to work with Paul it started to be sunny… and we couldn’t resist… we turned around, took the car and went to the beach!!

Here’s a movie of the storm, it was really impressive!!

And also some photos…

Storm!! Storm!!

Storm!! Storm!!

Storm!! Storm!!

That’s all… scroll down for the photos of our trip to Switzerland over Christmas & New Year!


3 Responses to “Storm!!”

  1. gerard says:

    Wow wat een gave video en die foto’s. ach je, weet wel wat ik daar van vind. :o)



  2. johannes says:

    since you left a comment with us, i guess ill have to leave you one too :P, really like the pictures, specially the Matterhorn :D cu johannes

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