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Month: June 2006

On holidays

On holidays

Hello everyone,

Just a short message to say that I will be away for 2 weeks! I’m leaving for Switzerland tonight, where I will travel around by train and do lots of hiking. And of course I will visit Celia (and Gert-Jan) for a few days!!

The last week has been very busy, since I had to move out of my house as well. After my holidays I will move in to the new house. My supervisor planned a meeting on the Monday straight after I come back, so I guess I will be working that Sunday… So I will have a crazy weekend after I come back, but that’s ok. I won’t worry about that now!

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to update my blog, I have lots of nice photos to share, but not enough time to put them on here šŸ™‚

Anyway, hope you all have a good time and I will be back on the 8th of July!



Some random photos of last month

Some random photos of last month


Here are some random photos of me and my friends taken during the last weeks…

My brother asked me to take some photos of the lunch boxes, I did this outside on a very nice day early May, and also took some other photos…


Patama and me on the field around the lake on campus.

campus campus

Nicole & Patama

On the 11th of May we had a symposium dinner at the University, in the new Sainsbury garden restaurant. There were mostly researchers there, but there were also quite a lot of PhD students. We had to dress ‘smart casual’, it was a fun evening!

symposium dinner symposium dinner

Patama drinking wine before the start of the dinner, and Paul & me during the dinner

symposium dinner symposium dinner

Aga & Tanja, Luke & me, on this last photo you can see the nice glass wall of the restaurant

symposium dinner

Nicole & the rest of our table (Tanja, Richard & Tim)

The next day we had a dinner at my place. We were making pasta salad, and just when we were done cutting all the vegetables and ready to mix everything, Nicole accidentely tipped over a full bowl, and by trying to rescue it, got the second bowl all over herself. It was quite funny!! Unfortunately ALL our food was now on the floor and we didn’t have time to start over. So… we gathered everything from the floor, washed it and ate it… hehe!

dinner dinner dinner

Gathering & washing the food

dinner dinner

And finally ready to eat it!! We are all still alive by the way šŸ™‚

On the 14th of May I went to the last day of the Norwich & Norfolk Festival. There was a big street festival, lots of fun! There was also a treasure hunt, in which you had to find oranges by solving clues. With Veronika we only found half of the oranges, but we still found the “square of love” where we got a jam tart, a gold nugget and we could make a wish and eat a paper heart so that “the wish will be part of you and has room to grow”. I did the same thing with Johannes, but he was able to find all the oranges!!

street festival street festival

Music made on rubbish.. and Johannes making his wish šŸ™‚

Later that day we celebrated Veronica’s birthday, we played Uno in the park.

playing uno

Johannes, Veronika, Veronica & Andrew

On the 19th of May we had dinner at Aga’s place before going to a Scottish concert in the city center.

dinner dinner


The last one is taken by Johannes – looks like its taken from the ceiling!!

concert concert


At the concert, we went outside in the break

That’s all! Have a good weekend šŸ™‚


Balloon Launch

Balloon Launch

In the field close to my house, they launch balloons early in the morning and in the evening. A while ago, I saw they were preparing to launch one, and I happened to have my camera with me. So I decided to watch the launch and take some photos… while wishing I could go up as well! One day… šŸ™‚

Balloon Launch Balloon Launch

Balloon Launch Balloon Launch

Balloon Launch Balloon Launch Balloon Launch

I really enjoyed watching how they launch the balloon! I saw the same balloon yesterday night, right over my house šŸ™‚