Sunrise or sunset?

It might be mørketid (dark time) but the light is at its most beautiful at the moment. A sunrise that melts into a sunset, lasting for hours… It’s just beautiful, especially when you have the chance to go out and enjoy it :)

A boathouse on a cold day in Tromsø The view in the other direction (looking west) is pretty too!

Waves crashing over a rock - I almost got stuck on this rock because of the incoming tide! This photo is taken when the sun was at its highest point... but still below the horizon ;) soon the 'sunrise' will turn into a 'sunset'

I would almost say: my favourite time of year – but only when skies are clear. Mørketid is a lot less fun on cloudy days ;)

2 Responses to “Sunrise or sunset?”

  1. Nuno says:

    Beautiful photos as always!
    I love the colours of the sky when the sun is at horizon! And it’s crazy to me to see the sun rise and set in so little time!