Paul is back :)

After 4 weeks at sea, Paul came back to Tromsø yesterday, on board the R/V Lance. They first had an “open ship” in the centre of Tromsø, where people could come on board and learn about the ship and the research. After that, the ship moved to Breivika. They went underneath the bridge, and I decided to walk up there to get some pictures of the ship passing underneath, while Paul and his cruise mates were standing on the helicopter deck waving :D

On the helicopter deck of Lance, seen from the bridge Lance on its way to the dock at Breivika

He’s got some really nice photos from his cruise and hopefully will share them at some point. Not sure it will be very soon though, as we’re leaving for a week of holiday on Saturday. We’re going to Crete, hoping for a bit of sunshine before the dark period arrives here. We’ve never been to Crete (or Greece) before and are very excited :)

2 Responses to “Paul is back :)”

  1. els says:

    Heb ik je net een mailtje gestuurd, lees ik daarna je verhaal op de site en krijg ik meteen antwoord op mijn vraag of Paul al terug is.Leuke foto’s van mijn achternichtje!
    Veel plezier in Griekenland, totaal anders dan Noorwegen, maar de paar keer dat ik er ben geweest,vond ik het er fantastisch!Bye,bye.

  2. Martha says:

    Welcome back Paul. I am catching up on all these postings. You just got here and now you are gone to Greece. You will love it. Nice time to go there too. It will be a wonderful change from where you have been the last 4 weeks. I am waiting to see the pictures you took these 4 weeks.